Sport short for Super Sunday: Football, figure skating and horse racing

As the Super Bowl looms over our nation with kickoff just a meer few hours away, I decided to boot up and share a thought with you, America.  Many football analysts would like you to believe that they know it all.  The NCAA “brain trust” would love for you to concede that they have it all figured out when it comes to talent evaluation and skill-level across the board.  Hence the BCS – consisting of six “power” conferences:  The Big East, Atlantic Coast, Southeastern, Big 12 (which now has 10 members), Big Ten (which now has 12 members), and Pacific-10 Conferences(which will be aptly renamed the PAC-12 in the very near future since they are the only one of the last three that understands numbers.)  Those are the “automatic qualifying” schools for major BCS football bowl games.  That leaves several other conferences termed “mid-majors,” or “non-automatic qualifiers.”  My alma-mater, Ball State, falls into the second category since it is a member of the Mid-American Conference.  With that little bit of history into college football, you would naturally assume that NFL talent would come from the far more supreme conferences in the first group, right?  Well, as you can sense, you would be very mistaken to make that conclusion without a little more knowledge.  The MAC has 15 representatives in tonight’s big game.  That’s right…between the 2 teams left playing for the title of World Champions, with combined rosters of approximately 100 players, 15 of those participants are from a far inferior conference (or so the talking heads would lead you to believe).  The only other conference with more players dressing for tonight’s battle is the SEC with 18.  So for all of the “Little Sister’s of the Poor” colleges out there (as Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee so eloquently put it), let me stand proud and state that just because my conference is number 2 doesn’t mean it’s all a pile of crap.

And to make sure I include everyone, for all you non-football fans out there, I leave you with this little nugget…

If figure skaters jockeyed thoroughbreds, would they compete in the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes for the Triple Sal-Crown??  Think about it.

Thank you, that is all.


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