Eurasia – Elementary school geography and concert tours

In a moment of random clarity today while walking through my office building, I suddenly found myself wondering if the classic rock bands Asia and Europe had ever toured together?  And if they had, would they combine their names such as in the manner that we were all taught in third grade geography?  Sure, it was a generic way to learn the continents, but Eurasia would put on an interesting show I bet!  Then I started thinking (quietly, because it really freaks people out when I walk around talking to myself), “I wonder what some of the most brilliant concert pairings have been.”  After a little research, I found a couple interesting combinations, then came up with a few of my own that I think would be intriguing and funny to see together on a poster. 

Don't Fear the Reaper...worry about Ironman and Godzilla!


In the early ’80s, Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult toured together and billed it the Black & Blue tour. 

Sometime in the ’70s, Bread teamed with the short-lived band Jelly…I don’t know if they advertised a clever tour name. 

I’ve always wanted to see Soul Asylum and Collective Soul join forces.  Their stage setup could be like a giant padded cell.

The Who and The Guess Who could simply print posters with an enormous question mark on them, leaving tour dates and locations as TBA.

Queen and Prince would be an interesting combination, and they could all just keep it in the royal family.

Alice In Chains and Trapt could have something in common.  Although I don’t believe it would be musical quality!

Live and Rob Zombie could head out on the Undead Tour.

KISS and XTC might be up for a TLC tour.  I’ll admit it, it’s a bad pairing, but worth a giggle at least.

Styx and The Rolling Stones?  Styx and Stones.  Too bad they couldn’t synchronize this with Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult so that they could play in venues 1-2 days before the Black & Blue tour set in.

The Eagles would be a good match for Wings.  And along those lines, you could throw Jefferson Airplane and the B52’s together as well.

These are just a few of my conversation starters.  Please feel free to add any more ideas to the comments section – bonus points will be awarded for originality and realistic groupings (time frame, music genre, etc). 

Thank you, that is all.


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