Collecting low-fives – First ride of the season

A few weeks ago, the sun peaked through the clouds and blessed us with some rays.  On a glorious Saturday afternoon, I geared up and headed out to the garage.  I put my motorcycle key in the ignition, hit the starter, and stepped back in awe.  Last riding season came and went and my bike had one problem after another.  It entered the shop, got examined, diagnosed and repaired.  I bought a brand-new battery for the last few weeks of the year.  This year started with more of the same.  I found myself standing in awe upon realizing that I couldn’t get it to fire to life.  It was heartbreaking and somewhat soul-crushing.  I got it towed back into the shop last week, and got the call that it was up and running and good to go.  The problem?  A bad battery.  That was the first thing I checked after the results of last year, but clearly I’m no mechanic. 

Anywho, today was the magnificent day that I’ve been waiting for.  I caught a ride to the shop to pick up my love.  Pulling into the parking lot, I immediately noticed it sitting out front, gleaming in the sunshine like a thing of beauty.  I paid the higher-than-anticipated bill, grabbed the key, cranked the choke, and fired it up.  She turned over with no hesitation…my stomach fluttered with butterflies.  This is the day I’ve been waiting for for way too long.

On the way to the shop, I passed several bikers going in the opposite direction.  If you’ve never noticed, when bikers pass one another they drop their left hand and signal a wave to fellow riders.  I call it a low-five.  It’s a sign of acknowledgment and respect.  It’s also my single favorite part of being a biker.  For real.  I love the brothership.  You can’t get that riding in a cage (car).  I try sometimes, but obviously to no avail.  Once I finally hopped on my bike, fired it up, and pulled away, I was counting down the minutes until I passed a fellow biker and collected my first low-five of the year.  That moment never came.  I rode all the way home and never passed a single other motorcycle. 

The worst part came after I pulled into the garage and tucked it in for the night.  I hopped into the car to run some errands and what do you know…more bikes left and right.  I nearly cried.  But then I realized that I have all summer and my bike is rip-roaring, ready to go.  I can’t wait!

Thank you, that is all.


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