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Weekend getaway – Indiana road trip

West Baden Springs, Indiana probably doesn’t mean anything to you, does it?  I bet French Lick might ring a bell though (if you don’t live under a rock).  Over the weekend, my wife and I escaped from the confines of the city limits and headed to West Baden Springs and French Lick with a couple of friends.  Let me tell you, we were surprised by the wonder that hides in the southern Indiana hills.  And yes, there ARE hills in Indiana…you just have to get south of Indianapolis to find them.

We rolled into a sleepy little town that houses probably somewhere close to 200 people and before I knew it, I was instructed to turn right…right into a wonderland I didn’t know existed this side of a rabbit hole.  Our carriage glided over an ancient brick roadway, under a beautiful arch welcoming us to the resort, and on up to the valet station.

West Baden entryway

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Soundtrack of my life: Preparing for the zombie apocalypse

As you may have noticed, my infatuation with an impending zombie apocalypse has been renewed.  I stocked up my survival kit over the grueling winter months, I’ve noted the risk of zombie families, and I’ve schooled my wife on some of the basics.  Now, I’ve been plagued (WINK!) with the thought of what would be playing in the back of my mind while I’m doing what it takes to survive.

In addition, I thought it was about time I revisited the “Soundtrack Of My Life” post and give you all an updated glimpse into the ridiculous ramblings of my peanut brain.  So as the droning moan of hordes of dead-heads starts picking up, here’s my playlist to crank while combatting the mentally crippled creepers. Mmmmore

Zombies versus vampires 101 – Things that make you go, “Mmmmmmm”

See what I did there?  WINK! 

The other day as my wife and I were getting ready to start our days we were talking about matters of the heart, and our conversation naturally broached the subject of zombies.  There’s a little more to it than that, but ultimately that’s where we landed, so just go with it.  She had mentioned reading my post on parenthood and enjoyed my comparison to the undead and how I tied it all together.  That led to a discussion on the impending zombie apocalypse…oh yes, it’s coming folks. 


Thinking outside the canvas – Again

I have updated the first post on modern artists and the unique mediums that they choose to display their works a couple of times now, so I finally just decided to write a new one with an update of some more modern art pioneers that have been brought to my attention.  Here is the second installment for your viewing pleasure… Continue reading

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