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Motoring Monday – Bikes for everyone!

Hey there, thanks for coming back!  Next up in our semi-irregular series explaining the motorcycle culture: Bikes for everyone!  *Crowd cheers ecstatically*  Thought you just hit the jackpot of blog giveaways, didn’t you?  Sorry to disappoint.  You get no free bike and are only left here, stuck with having to read on before I get to the point.  Which is: Types of motorcycles.

If you have ever paid attention to passing motorcycles, you have no doubt noticed that they come in all shapes and sizes.  It’ll be my responsibility to describe them all (or at least most-okay, well…some) and maybe explain the people who ride them.  Maybe.  If we’re lucky. Continue reading


Thinking outside the canvas 4

Clever title, huh?  Hey, cut me some slack…they can’t all be winners!  If you can’t get past MY lack of creativity, then I will offer you the creativity of others.  It’s about that time where I bring you some clever and intriguing artists who take their talents far beyond the confines of a canvas.  Readysetgo! Continue reading

Fresh Meat Friday – The fever is spreading

Last time, I went to my first roller derby bout.  I enjoyed it so much, I went back the first chance I got!  After sharing the experience with a group of friends, I realized that I’m not the only one with an intense infatuation for the sport.  So my wife and I loaded up our car with a couple of friends and headed into the sprawling northern Indiana cornfields.

After our hour voyage, we turned into the parking lot at Gibson’s Arena and tried to find a parking space.  The lot was packed, so we just kind of “made” a spot somewhere in front of the building.  It worked out great!  Having spent almost a decade of my young adult life in Muncie, I had never been remotely close to the only skating rink in town.  After going there, I’m not sure why.  The decor may be a little out of date, much like most small-town roller rinks, but the floor seemed to be in good shape at least!  Maybe a lot was hidden by the lack of lighting in the joint.  We may never know.  The image I had in my head last time,  going into my first roller derby event, was validated this time once I paid the admission and walked through the entrance.  The lights were dim (no matter what the picture below may reveal), the carpeted furniture was aplenty, and the concession stand was next to the pro shop, right where you would expect it to be.  Continue reading

Motoring Monday – Biker lore

Ever notice a small bell on a big, bad, bikers motorcycle and wonder why the seemingly out-of-place, dainty little object was there in the first place?  Well, it serves as more than decoration…there is a very specific purpose for the little noisemaker.  Here are a couple popular explanations that will give you a little more insight into the biker culture…


As you are probably well aware, there are many unexplainable mysteries in life, such as mechanical problems once you get too far from home, but not close enough to your destination.  In the biker world, those instances are blamed on evil road spirits, or “gremlins.”  They are responsible for a vast array of problems – like when your turn signals fail to work, the battery dies, or you have problems shifting.  Continue reading

Short stories – My venture into legitimacy

I have been a die-hard fiction junky for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always harbored the idea of trying to write my own mystery someday.  A large reason for starting this blog in the first place was to get some practice writing, hone my skills, and develop my style.  (Did you check the link to see what it was?  Man, I got you so good!) 

Well, as you can tell from the title of this post, it appears that time has nearly come.  A little while back, inspiration struck.  A thought hit me and I got several ideas for some short stories.  The ideas persisted to pester me, and I have decided to begin working on a series of short-and-sometimes-not-so-short-stories.

I have thrown myself into more murder mysteries than I can recollect, and I’m starting to think that I may have learned a thing or two from them.  With prior life experiences that I prefer not to discuss, my background in criminal justice, and influences such as Harlen Coben, Dennis LeHane, James Patterson, Patrick J. O’Brian, Dean Koontz, and Dan Brown, how could I possibly go wrong?

So turn out the lights, crawl in bed, throw a sheet over your head, grab a flashlight, and immerse yourselves into my foray into “fiction.”  Or is it?

In case you missed it, here’s the link again.  Man, you’re so difficult sometimes!

Thank you, that is all.

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