Thinking outside the canvas 4

Clever title, huh?  Hey, cut me some slack…they can’t all be winners!  If you can’t get past MY lack of creativity, then I will offer you the creativity of others.  It’s about that time where I bring you some clever and intriguing artists who take their talents far beyond the confines of a canvas.  Readysetgo!

Something’s missing

Anyone who is even remotely familiar with Photoshop will recognize elements from this first artist.  Mike Guppy puts his interpretation of some all-time classics on display with a few missing parts.  These ghost images caught my eye when I recognized the backgrounds, but couldn’t help noticing that the subject matter had been completely removed.  The background is expanded to fill in the void where the subject has been subtracted.

The Scream - minus the scream


Shawn Smith creates some impressive three-dimensional sculptures using small, wooden, pixel-like blocks.  At a time when pixel-art is prolific, this is a unique twist on the idea of a “digital medium.”  Check out his official website for a gallery with more examples of his work.  Kind of takes you back to the good ol’ NES days, doesn’t it?

8 Bit Campfire

Pucker Up

Remember gazing longingly into the eyes of that poster on your wall of you-know-who when you were just starting to hit your stride?  Pretending to make out with your celebrity of choice?  Well, imagine doing that, but at the same time making a masterpiece.  This one started out a little creepy, huh?  Sorry about that, but don’t act like I’m the only one.  Natalie Irish has discovered her medium of choice to be her lips and lipstick.  By strategically placing smooches all over her easel, she puts out amazingly life-like depictions of a wide range of celebrities.  And when she gets chapped lips, she resorts to using her thumbprint to get the job done.

Jimi Hendrix kisses

Serious Origami

I’ve previously made note of Simon Schubert, who makes amazing works of art by meticulously folding paper to create pictures with unimagined detail.  This next artist blows that out of the water!  With what I can only assume is much more patience and astonishing attention to detail, Christina Lihans creates  low-relief sculptures consisting entirely of carefully constructed pieces of paper.

George Washington Bridge with New York City skyline


It is mind-boggling the things that originate within ourselves.  Sometimes I can’t help but be a little jealous of the pure imagination and talent of these artists, but then all we really need is a little introspection from time to time.  (That means to look inside ourselves.)  Inspiration can strike anyone at anytime.  Embrace it and see what you can accomplish.

Thank you, that is all.


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