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Artistic endeavors – Finding motivation

A little while back I brooded about how I’m a huge pile of steaming laziness.  That post didn’t have the desired effect of offering any semblance of accountability or getting me off my couch.  However, I can report some success in my progress of projects – it just wasn’t spawned by my other post.  Anyway, I’m here to share with you, America.  Readysetgo! Continue reading


Merry Christmas – The reason for the season

Okay, so I really have no idea where to start with this post.  I kind of have an idea where I’d like to end up, but let’s see what actually happens between now and then, shall we?

Recently Rhode Island was brought to my attention.  That’s so rare of an occurrence that I clearly remember the cause.  The governor of the state unveiled the state’s decorated evergreen and referred to it as the “holiday tree.”  Holiday tree?!  Wait, what’s that?  Do you mean “Christmas tree?”  Did I miss the memo that dedicates a decorated tree as the symbol for all holidays?  Last I checked, that specific icon signified Christmas.  Continue reading

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