Artistic endeavors – Finding motivation

A little while back I brooded about how I’m a huge pile of steaming laziness.  That post didn’t have the desired effect of offering any semblance of accountability or getting me off my couch.  However, I can report some success in my progress of projects – it just wasn’t spawned by my other post.  Anyway, I’m here to share with you, America.  Readysetgo!

With materials provided from our most unique wedding gift, I framed & stretched a canvas for a splatter painting for the first time.  While I was rummaging around the supply filled tote, I saw some natural sponges lying in the bottom, and figured this would be a great project to put them to use.  My wife and I laid down a multi-colored background with sponges to give more coverage of color and texture (thick, heaping paint splotches).  From there, we planned on using brushes and straws to fling, sling, splatter, and spray even more color, but found the paint stirrers to be more practical.  Not to mention much easier to clean up – instead of washing out brushes, we simply threw the wooden planks in the garbage.  We finished with a rather large piece that will hang (and coordinate) nicely in our dining room.  It was a fun project for us to do together, and went a lot faster than both of us expected.  I think it’s something that we both can be proud of, and I’m proud of us for simply getting it done!

Fireworks In The Backyard - finished splatter painting

At the time of my last writing, the most completed project was the sketch intended for a Christmas gift.  Fortunately, I got it done just in time for the holidays. 

Completed sketch

I got it matted, framed, and wrapped within the last week.  

Finished sketch - matted & framed

Going along with this gift, another project has come to fruition.  I have decided to make a label for supplies (he already has the coffee can) in the form of an underrated sitcom game.  I have used a still-frame from the show for reference, and have matched it almost perfectly. 

Still frame of Penny Can from ABC's Cougar Town

I printed out a rules sheet with a custom header, then used self-adhesive laminate sheets to protect the label from bending, tearing, fading, staining, etc. 

My rendition of the Penny Can label

My mental image for the saddlebag low-relief sculpture is getting clearer and clearer, but my motivation is getting less and less.  I thought I may have had supplies for the frame, but as you will learn later, those framing supplies have since been spoken for.  I do, however, have a trip to Hobby Lobby in the near future to begin looking for some materials/supplies.

Sports sketches – untouched.  Nothing new to report.  These are likely to not happen for a long, long time.

Fire project – untouched.  No supplies purchased.  I’m still kind of intimidated by this project.

Beach picture painting – untouched.  The Nicaraguan beach photo/painting is still hiding away in the spare room begging for some paint.  I have the picture attached to the canvas and the remainder of the scene sketched out, but there has been no color applied.  It seems as though I may have put tape over its mouth, or I’m just REALLY good at ignoring things!  Depending on who you ask, it’s probably more of the second one.

Kinda starting to look like my motivation may have died, huh?

I have, however, come up with another couple of ideas for new projects; the previously mentioned game label, and another canvas painting.  With the leftover supplies provided to us from the aforementioned wedding gift, I devised a plan to paint a seashore.  Again using the natural sponges to give texture and cover the bottom of the canvas with a beige color, we would then blend the top portion of the canvas with darkening shades of blue to give the effect of depth to the water.  To add detail and finish up the painting, we could drip and carefully splatter some white paint to create the crashing tide/sea-foam effect.  Should be easy enough for our skill level, and fast enough to get done in the span of a few days.

Oh!  And lest I forget, my biggest project to date:  My venture into fictional creative writing!  I have three-quarter heartedly thrown myself into this new endeavor.  I really enjoy it, and have gotten a lot of good feedback.  I could probably push it a little further, but then I’m afraid the fun would disappear and it would seem like more of a hassle, or worse…a JOB!  <GASP!>  The hardest part so far has been picking a starting point, then staying within the storyline without getting too distracted and taking too many sideways tangents.  It’s been a great learning experience and I’ve loved everything about it so far.

With more completed projects, I will post more updated information and photographic proof.  Just be patient!

Thank you, that is all.


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