Sport short – Super Bowl XLVI

The National Football League isn’t normally known for “trying new things.”  It’s called the No Fun League for a reason.  It isn’t very often that the NFL decides to laugh at convention right in the face.  Historically, the league  has not been eager to have the Super Bowl in cities with cold weather.  However, the times they are a-changin’.  With the winter wonderland that Dallas experienced last year while hosting the Super Bowl, the NFL has decided that the game can still be successful if temperatures happen to dip below 60 degrees.  They have recently granted the cold weather cities of Detroit, Indianapolis, and New York the privilege of hosting one of the highest profile events on the face of the

Super Bowl XLVI logo

planet.  Not only does that put a two-week spotlight on these cities, it also provides a VERY hefty sum of cash flow, increasing the importance of being lucky enough to be selected as a host city.  Streets get repaved, hotels get built, infrastructure gets an enormous boost, airports see more patrons, restaurants and shops get a large spike in revenue, even the homeless see some of the benefits

 If my Roman numeral skills are correct, then this year features the forty-fifth Super Bowl in the history of the National Football League.  In those 45 years, it has been brought to my attention that only 12 cities have actually been fortunate enough to host one of the biggest spectacles in sports and everything that goes hand-in-hand with it.  26 of those 45 games have been hosted in only 3 cities – Miami (10), New Orleans (9), and Los Angeles (7)!  That is not a very even disbursement considering that the league is comprised of 32 teams.  But that’s not really my point…I just wanted to point out how big of a deal it is for Indianapolis to host a single football game.

With Super Bowl XLVI looming in my very own backyard, I have found myself craving everything that goes along with it…like throwing a massive Super Bowl party and hanging out in the Super Bowl Village.  Downtown Indy is about to turn into a zoo!  Or as the website bills it – “The epicenter of awesome.”  The next 2 weeks will feature free concerts on 2 outdoor stages setup in the middle of downtown, a 650 foot long/80 foot high zipline, a parade of Indy cars painted in NFL team colors, Fireworks displays, ice sculptures, and who knows what else.  And that’s just the free stuff!

If you’re willing to actually shell out some cold, hard cash, then there will be additional events in the Indiana Convention Center.  Described as an interactive football theme park, the NFL Experience offers participatory games, memorabilia displays, youth clinics, and autograph sessions…not to mention the crown jewel itself – the Vince Lombardi Trophy!

This post isn’t intended to rub it in your face if you’re not in the Indianapolis area, I’m hoping that it serves as encouragement for those in the area to get out, experience the Super Bowl, put on a great face for a great city and tell the NFL to share the wealth!  After all, it all kicks off tonight!

Are you ready for some football?

Unfortunately, Indianapolis only gets to host the game and not participate.

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Welcome to the heartland, NFL.  Come back soon.

Thank you, that is all.


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