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Sun, sand, & construction – in Nicarauga

New Year’s always holds infinite uncertainties, dreams, hopes, adventures, challenges, and resolutions.  My new year kicked off with an international trip.  Bright and early on a Saturday morning this January, my wife and I boarded a plane with 5 other people for Nicaragua.  Actually, the plane was full, but only 5 of the other people weren’t strangers to us.

Those 5 were the other team members of our mission trip.  My wife has been to Nicaragua a handful of times already, but this was our first mission trip together.  In fact, it was my first mission trip period.  Naturally, I get excited/anxious/nervous for every trip I go on.  But this one was different.  Continue reading

Good Intentions

Oh, hey.  Hi there.  Sorry about my blatant absence from the intrawebz this year.  I haven’t forgotten about you, I swear.  This year kicked off with a bang, and I’ve just been holding on loosely – err, tight.  (Curse you, .38 Special!)  The last short couple of months have been packed with excitement and adventure, and I have clearly not been able to keep up with everything.  Last year I got in a bad habit of feeling a need to post multiple times per week and my posts were somewhat lengthy.  My ramblings turned from random introspection to typing up lists of events that were going on with me in chronological order.  I don’t think that transition was very fun for anybody, so this year we’ll try things a little bit differently. Continue reading

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