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The family that bashes together, stays together

As I’ve clearly stated before, monster trucks are undeniably awesome!  Period.  Last year, I introduced my wife to the greatness that is Monster Jam.  She enjoyed it so much, she was eager to go again this year…and even brought friends with her! 

On a side note: I have a ton of random hobbies to try to keep me mentally stimulated.  I like working out, riding my motorcycle, playing the guitar, playing with my dog, messing with aquariums, painting, etc etc etc.  Having said that, going beyond my passion for life-size monster trucks is my love of radio control cars (or more appropriately, you guessed it, monster trucks). Continue reading


Tech upgrade – Smarter phone than me!

Let me start this off by being the first to admit that I am extraordinarily late to the smart phone party.  I wanted no part of a phone with touch screen technology when they first came out because I had a feeling they would be more hassle than they were worth.  I’m not necessarily sure I was wrong about that.  In the last few years though, it seems they’ve got it all figured out and all the bugs have been ironed out. 

Next, I didn’t want to be forced to pay for more coverage than I expected to use.  A required data package seemed completely bogus to me…why couldn’t they just charge you for the data you used??  I didn’t want to pay an extra $30 per month just because my phone could do everything (and possibly more) than my computer. 

In the time since then, with each passing day, it has become inherently clear that the times were passing me by.  Continue reading

Celebrating an undead birthday – at Monster Jam

For as much fun as my friends have making fun of my redneck tendencies, we couldn’t find a car big enough to fit everybody for this year’s adventure to the local monster truck rally.  Once my friends see the twinkle in my eye and hear the pure, unadulterated excitement in my voice, they can’t deny that little voice in the back of their own head saying, “Hold on a second.  Pickup trucks with massive engines and oversized tires??  Why have we not explored this idea sooner?!?”

Monster truck rallies are an undeniable cultural experience.  Most of the general public just don’t want to acknowledge that fact.  (yeah, you read that right…I said fact.)  As much as some people like the opera or ballet, others like monster trucks, demolition derbies, and NASCAR.  And for good reason…it’s exciting!  Monstrous mayhem and colossal collisions?!?  Yes, please. Continue reading

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