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Sport short – NFL lockout and the gaming industry

I just saw the first commercial for NCAA Football 2012, and it got me thinking. Will the Madden 2012 release mimic the upcoming NFL season and not have one? But if they do release one in 2012, will it have lawyers on the cover pictured in heated deliberations?  A picture of Cowboys Stadium with a gigantic chain and padlock wrapped around it?? 

Madden 2012 cover art

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Pants off dance off: House parties in the video game era

Over the weekend, my wife and I had a few friends over to hang out, play some video games, and burn some calories.  Wait, what was that last part??  I thought this was about video games?  Yes.  We turned on the tv, powered up the Wii, cranked the surround sound, and gyrated around the living room to Just Dance 2.  My wife’s family introduced her to the game over Thanksgiving, and she was immediately hooked.  As soon as we got home, she added a Wii to her Christmas list along with Just Dance 2.  Mind you, my wife has no interest in video games (and I’m not much of a gamer myself, but I do enjoy killing some time and brain cells from time to time, plugged in, while sitting in front of our entertainment center).  So I saw this opening as the blessing that it was…we were getting another gaming system!  Paused. Click to resume.

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