Tech upgrade – Smarter phone than me!

Let me start this off by being the first to admit that I am extraordinarily late to the smart phone party.  I wanted no part of a phone with touch screen technology when they first came out because I had a feeling they would be more hassle than they were worth.  I’m not necessarily sure I was wrong about that.  In the last few years though, it seems they’ve got it all figured out and all the bugs have been ironed out. 

Next, I didn’t want to be forced to pay for more coverage than I expected to use.  A required data package seemed completely bogus to me…why couldn’t they just charge you for the data you used??  I didn’t want to pay an extra $30 per month just because my phone could do everything (and possibly more) than my computer. 

In the time since then, with each passing day, it has become inherently clear that the times were passing me by.  Continue reading


Celebrating an undead birthday – at Monster Jam

For as much fun as my friends have making fun of my redneck tendencies, we couldn’t find a car big enough to fit everybody for this year’s adventure to the local monster truck rally.  Once my friends see the twinkle in my eye and hear the pure, unadulterated excitement in my voice, they can’t deny that little voice in the back of their own head saying, “Hold on a second.  Pickup trucks with massive engines and oversized tires??  Why have we not explored this idea sooner?!?”

Monster truck rallies are an undeniable cultural experience.  Most of the general public just don’t want to acknowledge that fact.  (yeah, you read that right…I said fact.)  As much as some people like the opera or ballet, others like monster trucks, demolition derbies, and NASCAR.  And for good reason…it’s exciting!  Monstrous mayhem and colossal collisions?!?  Yes, please. Continue reading

Sun, sand, & construction – in Nicarauga

New Year’s always holds infinite uncertainties, dreams, hopes, adventures, challenges, and resolutions.  My new year kicked off with an international trip.  Bright and early on a Saturday morning this January, my wife and I boarded a plane with 5 other people for Nicaragua.  Actually, the plane was full, but only 5 of the other people weren’t strangers to us.

Those 5 were the other team members of our mission trip.  My wife has been to Nicaragua a handful of times already, but this was our first mission trip together.  In fact, it was my first mission trip period.  Naturally, I get excited/anxious/nervous for every trip I go on.  But this one was different.  Continue reading

Good Intentions

Oh, hey.  Hi there.  Sorry about my blatant absence from the intrawebz this year.  I haven’t forgotten about you, I swear.  This year kicked off with a bang, and I’ve just been holding on loosely – err, tight.  (Curse you, .38 Special!)  The last short couple of months have been packed with excitement and adventure, and I have clearly not been able to keep up with everything.  Last year I got in a bad habit of feeling a need to post multiple times per week and my posts were somewhat lengthy.  My ramblings turned from random introspection to typing up lists of events that were going on with me in chronological order.  I don’t think that transition was very fun for anybody, so this year we’ll try things a little bit differently. Continue reading

Sport short – Super Bowl XLVI

The National Football League isn’t normally known for “trying new things.”  It’s called the No Fun League for a reason.  It isn’t very often that the NFL decides to laugh at convention right in the face.  Historically, the league  has not been eager to have the Super Bowl in cities with cold weather.  However, the times they are a-changin’.  With the winter wonderland that Dallas experienced last year while hosting the Super Bowl, the NFL has decided that the game can still be successful if temperatures happen to dip below 60 degrees.  Continue reading

Soundtrack of my life: Happy New Year

Welcome back!  Hopefully this finds you all with clear vision and your sights set on all the exciting things that the upcoming year will offer.  My creativity hasn’t fully kicked in this year yet, so I thought I would start it off with a tried and true format – the soundtrack of my life.  Last year saw a LOT of big things happen for me, and it was great starting this blog to share it all with you.  This year will pick up right where I left off: random ramblings and unmuted musings!  So grab your reading glasses, a nice warm mug of hot chocolate, and let’s put some lipstick on this pig, shall we?  Thank you, we shall.

With a new year, comes a new level of optimism.  So many resolutions and checklists that have overflowed for the last 5 years.  This year is the year.  Or maybe you’re a little more cynical.  Well, what better way to jumpstart an attitude adjustment than with the hope that goes hand-in-hand with a brand spanking new year?  I’ll list off my New Year’s playlist to help you get motivated for the next 12 months.  Readysetgo! Continue reading

Artistic endeavors – Finding motivation

A little while back I brooded about how I’m a huge pile of steaming laziness.  That post didn’t have the desired effect of offering any semblance of accountability or getting me off my couch.  However, I can report some success in my progress of projects – it just wasn’t spawned by my other post.  Anyway, I’m here to share with you, America.  Readysetgo! Continue reading

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