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“Stickshifts and safety belts:” First car story

Each morning, as I drive from Indianapolis to Muncie for work, my commute involves a lot of listening to The Bob and Tom Show.  One of their sponsorships is NAPA Auto Parts, and they finish the advertisement by reading stories submitted by listeners regarding their first vehicle.  It is often quite comical to hear some of the horror stories involving people’s first rides.  Other times, it just makes me jealous to hear the kinds of classic muscle cars that came and went before my time.  One morning, as I awoke from my daydream by running across the stutter strip on the shoulder of the interstate, it occurred to me that I too, once owned a “classic muscle car” and that it indeed, was my first vehicle.  That, in turn, got me to thinking about the “good ol’ days” and I began wondering why I hadn’t submitted MY story.  I said, “Self, why haven’t you submitted YOUR story?”  So naturally, I decided…it is time.  Keep reading


Monster trucks and demolition derbies – need I say more?

As a kid growing up in rural southern Indiana, I remember looking forward to county fair season.  There was so much to get amped up about: towering rides, neon lights, ultra-challenging games, fair food (elephant ears and taffy), and that was just on a regular night at the fair.  That’s enough to get any 10 year-old hyped up beyond his wildest dreams, then your parents tell you to grab some earplugs, because tonight there’s going to be MONSTER TRUCKS!  But wait, there’s more


I will be posting several thoughts that have been tumbling around in my head, and I strongly encourage audience participation…but be warned, anything and everything is open to scrutiny!  I welcome all opinions and discussions, but please keep personal attacks to a minimum…unless you don’t want to!  I will be updating this feverishly over the next few days, so check back often to avoid missing out on all the fun!

Thank you, that is all.

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